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How To Man Online Training Videos

20 videos that guide you through the most powerful transformation of your life


How To Man Exercises and Workbook

This book was custom created to re-create experiences and exercises that we have been sharing with the Men


The Power Of Self-Responsibility with Jonathan Christian Hudson

How do you re-invent yourself when you are a young millionaire with a super-model girlfriend... and you still feel like your life is empty (hint: you get to keep the money and the girls)


Get Back Up with Sean Stephenson

The single most excuse-busting, inspiring man you will ever meet will burn a new motivation into your soul that you never knew existed. If you really want to hold onto your excuses for living a smaller life, don't watch this video...


How To Follow Your Heart with Mindie Kniss

Tough choices? Not sure where your purpose and your path lies? Have trouble doing what is true for you in the face of what others think you "should" do? Here's how to get back in touch with the deep, primal intelligence of your gut


Self-Confidence "Hacks" Session

The smartest minds I know share their secret quick-fixes for the days when you feel low and down on yourself, but it's GO TIME, and you need to show up for your life right NOW This video alone is a treasure that you will refer to again and again to create a bigger, more powerful, and self-actualized life.


How To Man Private Online Brotherhood

Lifetime Membership to a community of like-minded men on their paths to greatness. This started out as a way for Nathan and I to track the progress of the men and make sure that the lessons we shared stuck and that the men made good on their powerful commitments to live powerfully as Men. It's become something much, much bigger. A true brotherhood, and many of the men consider this the most valuable part of the journey you are about to embark upon.


FREE one-month trial to "The Masculinity Mastery Series"

Every month Nathan and I create an important new teaching - a video, a book, an online webinar, or a live training - and share it with the men. These trainings drill down into one specific topic concerning men (e.g., Confidence, Courage, Anger, Money, Sex, Fatherhood, Flirting/Charisma, Anxiety, Marriage-Issues, Decision-Making, Integrity, and much more...) These sessions will be led by either Nathan or Alex and will often include guest teachers who are thought-leaders and best-in-business teachers for each topic. Try it out for free, effortlessly cancel any time or continue for the discounted rate of only $25/month (regular price $67)


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What Other Men Are Experiencing Right Now From The
How To Man Program...

"It just seems to work"

This stuff is AWESOME fun and soooo fucking cathartic. Even after just 3 considerations I feel like I'm wiping away layer after layer of bullshit. It just seems to work, effortlessly.
Thank you so much for sharing this process Alex Allman and Nathan Charles!

"Awesome but kinda scary..."

I'm already becoming the things I always thought I had to work to become simply by yielding my attention.
I REALLY like who I'm becoming or rather, am allowing myself to be.
Maybe this is because I'm acting intuitively rather than based on my social personality.
Regardless, it's awesome but kinda scary.

"It changed my life"

This is epic! Alex Allman it changed my life around

"...thoughtfulness and support..."

I appreciate the quality of posts and support in this group. Want to say hi instead of just lurk.
[...] you guys are awesome and I want to do whatever is in my power to share the same thoughtfulness and support you guys are showing here.

"More alive than I have felt in a long time"

I went through many layers of anger, then sadness, my realization was that I was mourning my childhood, my marriages, my life up to now, I was a raw exposed nerve feeling everything.
This was something I wasn't used to, but I felt alive. More alive than I have felt in a long time. Oddly I cried more with joy than with sadness, then peace.

"Now I have the tools necessary to be myself fully"

I came wanting to get permission and direction so that I could fully step into my manly life. I was too much of a wanderer without a strong foundation. I needed solidity and direction.
I leaned that everything resided within me all along. Now I have the tools necessary to be myself fully in my interactions with life. There are many golden nuggets in this program that are life changing to me. I'm so grateful for it, and everyone involved!
[...] I have a new found excitement for the direction I'm moving in life, and I commit to sticking with that direction and managing procrastination like we were taught to.

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